Most professionals are experts when using the terminology in their field and are proficient with the language when dealing directly with their customers. Using the Web site as a source of information about your company, however, renders the initial contact with prospective customers anonymous. The key to your success on the global market begins with assuring them that they have linked up with the right site, with someone who speaks their language.

Our 2-way process is interactive, and includes you as an expert in your business field. It is our business to work with you on an individual basis and provide linguistic solutions for your global needs. You can rely on the services of those who have made languages their profession.

Translating from the source to the target language is not a linear process. It requires a comprehensive linguistic analysis of text type, function and recipient as well as style and pragmatics. In addition, the dynamics of today's language and ever-changing media forms must comply with the normative grammatical structure. It is our task to maintain a balance between the ever-changing and the fixed, without bending the rules.

Many professionals are proficient when speaking the language and are also experts when using the professional terminology. A written text with mistakes due to hastiness, however, leaves a lasting impression on your reader. We make certain that you are communicating your message precisely and effectively.

As language professionals, we assess your text comprehensively, targeting your recipient on the regional and global markets. We assist you in revising and moulding the content of your message into a language and form your target recipient understands, and thereby provide you with the certainty that your message is properly

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